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By virtue of growing green technology, Beeswax and wax blends work with formulators, chemists, purchasing agents and industry buyers like you.

Focus on:
Professional Quality, Friendly to Environment, Commitment to Excellence & Innovation.
We refine,formulate,custom blend, process and design-package waxes, aiming at making your products look more great, feel more right and work better.

Who We Are

Rooted in China, Sinova is one of leading processors, refiners and marketers of beeswax and other waxes derived from natural sources. Involved in beekeeping career since 1970s as a family business, company founded in 2004, Si

About Us

Starting from beeswax, as one of our principal products and foundation of our business,Sinova has developed a variety of new products to meet new and constantly evolving client requirements. Sinova has been specializing in processing,formulating and marketing quality beeswax and natural waxes to the cosmet

What We Can Do

Work with Our Wax Chemists lab Sinovas chemists create new beeswax substitutes and alternatives to be more versatile than traditional waxes. This means that we can meet your products changing property requirements so that you may better serve your customers.

Find our best wax solution to enhance your personal care, cosmetic, ink, coatings, pharmaceutical, food and household products

For personal care and cosmetic applications, Sinova produces exclusive Sinovation (natural esters) Waxes. Sinova Waxes provide ideal properties for gelling, skin feel and moisturization. Waxes for personal care include fruit waxes, natural wax dispersions and the water soluble waxes, PEG Beeswax and PEG Carnauba.

 We developed unique Sinova (ester) Waxes for inks. Sinova Waxes enhance surface properties and water resistance. They also serve as effective matting agents. Our processes include solvent-containing dispersions and pastes, precipitation formulations and aqueous dispersions to incorporate waxes into printing inks.

We manufacture a full line of waxes that meet the strict standards of BP/USP/GMP, a nonprofit scientific organization. The BP/USP/GMP sets standards for the identity, strength, quality and purity of medicines, food ingredients and dietary supplements manufactured, distributed and consumed worldwide.

Sinova created a full line of food grade waxes designed to impart specific functions into food products. Food wax properties include film former, moisture barrier and glossing agent. Some formulations shorten and others extend shelf life. 

 We manufacture waxes to use in barrier preparations, cleaners, floor and furniture polish. This includes waxes, leather care, stone and other surface protectors. Our emulsifiers, esters, waxes and derivatives act as wetters, dispersants, gelling aids and emollients. 

 We explore the remote areas of the world to find the highest quality raw materials for you. That’s why we guarantee that our 100% organic wax is “100% organic”. We work diligently with our global suppliers and partners to only source the purest and highest quality raw materials for your cosmetic and food ingredients.

Ask Us for Help with Your Products

You will discover how we routinely overcome chemical challenges to craft a “just right” ingredient. Together we will identify an ideal wax formulation to make your product look great, feel right and work well.

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