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Organic & Natural Waxes

We explore the remote areas of the world to find the highest quality raw materials for you. That’s why we guarantee that our 100% organic wax is “100% organic”. We work diligently with our global suppliers and partners to only source the purest and highest quality raw materials for your cosmetic and food ingredients.

Acid-Free Candelilla

Acid-Free Candelilla, or Cetearyl Candelillate, is a derivative of Candelilla Wax. In cosmetics it provides a low potential for interaction with other cosmetic raw materials. Acid-Free Candelilla is highly compatible, inhibits crystallizatio

Beeswax, N.F. White

Beeswax remains an indispensable raw material for many finished products after thousands of years of use because of its unique chemistry. It has a highly complex composition with a soft pliable nature. That is why Sinova continues to