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Sinova has the capacity of manufacturing custom wax blends, helping in the development of raw materials and finished products, improving performance while reducing handling, assisting in inventory control, and providing cost effective offsets in various industries and applications.

Our customized blends of Natural and Petroleum Wax blends are available in the following formats:

Bulk (Jumbo bags, Bulk Liquid) batch sizes 5,000-20,000kgs
Liquid in ISO Containers or full tanker trucks

We manufacture under GMP conditions with an in-house quality control laboratory that is second to none. We are Certified Sinova and a Certified Organic Processor with a long history of providing these services. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Typical Applications:  Convert a bulk liquid into a pastille, granule, or slab which can then be used in general industry for coatings & blends, food, dental, or cosmetics.