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Rooted in China, Sinova is one of leading processors, refiners and marketers of beeswax and other waxes derived from natural sources.
Involved in beekeeping career since 1970s as a family business, company founded in 2004, Sinova has evolved into an international leading processor, refiners and suppliers of beeswax and other waxes derived and blended from natural source.
From beginning of cleaning, refining and bleaching beeswax for beekeeping and candle industry, we have developed to specialize in processing and formulating fine waxes for cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, polishing wax, and other technical industrial waxes.
For over decades of years since we further integrated our business as a company and a brand in 2004, we have been seeking innovation and perfection, constantly introducing new innovative green technology into our production.

As a company and brand business,we strongly believe it is our persistent goal to developing premium quality products,and supporting our customers with excellent service, more professional formulation and marketing process.

We are offering a wide range of beeswax, natural waxes, emulsifying waxes and synthetic waxes,helping our customers produce their products that look more great, feel better,and work more satisfactorily.